I Don't Know You, Anymore



You let me down

for the first time
I didn’t know you could do that
Not to me, anyway

I wanna know
In fact I think I know why
You’re acting like this
And it’s so surprising

I know it’s hard
Cuz I used to know you
We used to talk
You’re my friend
What happened to you?
I don’t even know you, right now.
And it’s so surprising

I know you should have your reasons
But I don’t think it’s fair
The way you left things with me
I thought we were friends

Now I don’t know
What to think of you
You let me down so bad
That it makes me sad

Someday your gonna open your eyes
And see the mistake you made

And I don’t know if you can repair this

I really thought you were my friend

And I guess it’s all over now.

Ps: esse texto meu fala quase tudo. daqui a alguns dias eu falo o resto. deixa só eu processar a informação direito.

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